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About Us

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Qychex Power and Energy System's is a branch department of our parent nonprofit agency, Housing 4 Now.  Through our 501(c)(3) certification, we provide a mixture of consumer goods and our own Qychex Brand Products.  We focus on products that are safe for the environment.  By doing so, our consumers enjoy products that are safe for the environment, and also by purchasing our product you help save the lives of thousands of individuals who normally would not be able to help themselves.    

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  • Are Qychex Batteries Safe?
    Qychex Lithium batteries are 100% safe & reliable. Our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Lithium Ion Batteries do not give off gas, do not require watering, or maintenance. They can be placed in any orientation. In addition, each Qychex Lithium battery is protected from over heating, over charging, and short circuiting, by a built in battery management system (BMS) microchip that also extends the life of the battery. For best performance & reliability we recommend using a lithium battery charger. Our superior products surpass industry standards and come with CE ROHS UN38.3 Approved Certification. We stand on the cutting edge of lithium battery innovation, by bringing our customers the best in consumer to commercial grade lithium battery technology.
  • What Type Of Battery Should I Use For My RV?
    For effective compatibility in off-grid systems or RV Use, we recommend using only Deep Cycle LiFeP04 Lithium Batteries.
  • What Are LifeP04 Lithium Batteries?
    LiFePO4 batteries have many benefits vs lead acid batteries. They are the best choice for RV, Off Grid, Recreational Usage, and other battery bank applications, such as Telecommunications Equipment. LiFeP04 batteries are non-combustible and allows for a lower energy density. They also can withstand extreme conditions such as freezing cold, intense heat and bouncing along rough terrain.
  • Are Your Batteries Buit Here In The USA Or Overseas?
    Qychex Power and Energy Systems: Is a leading lithium battery manufacturer located in the United States OF America. Our management department is comprised of a team of: Engineers, Developers, and Technicians. We have been in the lithium battery business for more than 10 years. Our factory and sales center is located in Phoenix, AZ. We have an R & D Department, that is able to serve you and help provide information for your DIY Projects. We do not make our own lithium battery cells. We import them from responsible Lithium Battery Cell Manufacturers, who guarantee 100% Grade A Lithium.
  • Are You A Nonprofit Agency?
    Yes. A portion of each purchase a customer makes, go toward the support of: "Disabled Veterians"; "Senior Citizens"; "Homeless Individuals"; and support for those how are "Unemployeed". Our Parent Agency is called
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Business Production Type

Qychex is a United States Manufacturer and Global Distributor of Lithium Batteries and other related electronic items.  Our base of operations office is in Phoenix, AZ.  Our distribution of lithium batteries consist of various types, such as, for the everyday consumer of low voltage and low Amp Hour Output batteries, to Commercial Grade usage of lithium batteries for: "Fork Lift Operations"; "Electric Cars"; "Home Power Wall Supply Units", and "Communication Equipment".       

Research & Develop

Qychex has over 30 Years of business Research & Development Skills and Experience.  We have work with, and have satisfactory served large corporations such as: "GE"; "Westinghouse"; "RCA"; "Sony"; "LG"; "Zenith"; "Panasonic"; "Samsung"; "Sharp"; ...etc. Our ability to work with "Custom Design" and "Private Label Manufacturers", is what we do as a business. 


We have the capacity to operate as a Consumer Retail Business or as a Global Market Production Business.  Our production department consist of many individual operations.  Therefore, we are able to commit to large scale orders, and fulfill them on time.  Lead Time for final deliveries, depends upon the time needed for the preparation of the product, and upon the size of the order requested.      


 As a Global Distributor of lithium batteries and consumer products, we are able to offer a variety of Custom Build Lithium Batteries, to our clients and web site members.  Within our professional line of batteries, we offer warranties up to 12 Years, against any "Defects" or "Material Workmanship".   Our line of batteries Include Batteries for: "Off Grid"; "RVs"; "Solar Storage Use"; "Motorcycles", "Electric Cars"; "Marine Boats"; "Home Power Walls"; "Robotic Electronics"; "Electric Bikes";  "Semi Trucks", and "Telecommunications".

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Humanitarian Marketing

Promotional Marketing Of Qychex Products


Objective: To explore new sales opportunities from Global Humanitarian Markets regarding the need and use of Lithium Ion and Lithium LifePO4 Batteries. 


Research Data: After 2 Years of exploration and research with International Humanitarian and Nonprofit agencies, our research supports that there is a great need for Qychex Products. 


Research & Data Source: Dr. Regina “Kitty” Bickford, a 10-year U.S. Air Force veteran Master Instructor and On-the-Job Training Advisor who is now a Family and Consumer Science teacher at Rolla Middle School, Rolla, Missouri, and holds lifetime teaching certifications in nine curriculums, currently serves on the Board of Directors for Kid Care America / Thrive Student Centers, an afterschool program for at-risk children run by the Assemblies of God church. She has made over 200 microfinance loans to the world’s poor through, mostly disadvantaged women, to start businesses and become self-sufficient.


She supports missionaries to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Ukraine.  In 2013, she was awarded the 2013 Spirit of Rolla Award in recognition of significant achievement and/or lifetime contribution to the spirit of giving.  She holds undergraduate degrees in Educational Administration, Behavioral Science, and Criminal Justice, a graduate degree in Psychology, has studied Special Education at the doctorate level, and holds a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

She is Founder and President of Pasture Valley Children Missions (EIN 35-2468924), a tax exempt 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that benefits orphans and vulnerable families in Swaziland, and Africa.


Research Adjective: After several communications with Dr Bickford, it was apparent that there is a great need for new economical renewable energy products in most 3rd World Countries.   Her explanations, regarding her visits to 3rd world countries, to include villages without any form of electricity, support a high demand for low budget 12 Volt; 110 Volt; and 220 Volt sources of renewable energy.     


Special Note: It should be noted that many humanitarian agencies have attempted to provide “Solar Panels” and “Solar Storage Batteries”, as a source of renewable energy for 3rd world countries and villages that have no electricity.  But due to the excessive poverty levels in some 3rd world countries, there exist notorious “Street Gangs”, violence and thievery.  Therefore, by providing solar panels as a “Cure” for most 3rd world countries, is not a viable solution.  These products can and unusually do become the property of thieves or gang members.   Therefore, the only alternative to this issue is the introduction of Qychex Self-Generating Energy Products.  These specialized energy power products: (1) do not depend on or utilize solar panels; (2) Does not depend on any outside source of fuel or energy to produce electrical power; (3)  No need to monitor the device once installed, and can be buried underground once installed.   

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