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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The following web site is for informational content only.  As a nonprofit business, Qychex is environmentally concerned about many meaningful topics and current issues, such as for example, the COVID-19 VIRUS.  Therefore, we provide this free service for our web site viewers and for our customers, for educational, entertainment, and helpful topics on environmental friendly issues.     

Fact Or Fiction Research

"The Truth Is Out There - You Be The Judge"

Can The Government
Take Your Gold From You
DATE: 3/21/2021
How Mirrors Could Power The Planet -  And Prevent Wars 
DATE: 6/19/2021
Total Collapse Of Middle Class People Coming Soon 
DATE: 3/19/2021
Vitamin D Is A Natural 
Remedy For COVID-19  
DATE: 12/10/2020
Robots Could End Animal Captivity In Zoo's 
DATE: 7/24/2021
New Robot Makes Military Soldiers Obsolete
DATE: 9/26/2019
Count Down To Apocalypse
When Terror Becomes Real

DATE: 5/9/2021
Is the impact Of Cows
Destroying Our Planet? 
DATE: 7/5/2018
The Untold Truth
About Money
DATE: 4/1/2020
Climate Change Warning
Condition Code Red 
DATE: 8/10/2021
Just For Fun:  Remember When You Use To Have Fun Playing 
On Your Trampoline?
America's Book of Secrets 
 Mind Control Technology

DATE: 7/10/2021

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