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  • Are Qychex Batteries Safe?
    Qychex Lithium batteries are 100% safe & reliable. Our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Lithium Ion Batteries do not give off gas, do not require watering, or maintenance. They can be placed in any orientation. In addition, each Qychex Lithium battery is protected from over heating, over charging, and short circuiting, by a built in battery management system (BMS) microchip that also extends the life of the battery. For best performance & reliability we recommend using a lithium battery charger. Our superior products surpass industry standards and come with CE ROHS UN38.3 Approved Certification. We stand on the cutting edge of lithium battery innovation, by bringing our customers the best in consumer to commercial grade lithium battery technology.
  • What Type Of Battery Should I Use For My RV?
    For effective compatibility in off-grid systems or RV Use, we recommend using only Deep Cycle LiFeP04 Lithium Batteries.
  • What Are LifeP04 Lithium Batteries?
    LiFePO4 batteries have many benefits vs lead acid batteries. They are the best choice for RV, Off Grid, Recreational Usage, and other battery bank applications, such as Telecommunications Equipment. LiFeP04 batteries are non-combustible and allows for a lower energy density. They also can withstand extreme conditions such as freezing cold, intense heat and bouncing along rough terrain.
  • Are Your Batteries Buit Here In The USA Or Overseas?
    Qychex Power and Energy Systems: Is a leading lithium battery manufacturer located in the United States OF America. Our management department is comprised of a team of: Engineers, Developers, and Technicians. We have been in the lithium battery business for more than 10 years. Our factory and sales center is located in Phoenix, AZ. We have an R & D Department, that is able to serve you and help provide information for your DIY Projects. We do not make our own lithium battery cells. We import them from responsible Lithium Battery Cell Manufacturers, who guarantee 100% Grade A Lithium.
  • Are You A Nonprofit Agency?
    Yes. A portion of each purchase a customer makes, go toward the support of: "Disabled Veterians"; "Senior Citizens"; "Homeless Individuals"; and support for those how are "Unemployeed". Our Parent Agency is called
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