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Breaking News: Code Red Conditions - Global Warming (8/10/2021) 


It is a fact that as of Aug 10, 2021, Senior Climate Change Scientist, have stated that the Global Warming conditions of planet earth are in a current condition of no return.  For more information about this report and other related reports, see Global Warming Climate Change Report.  Therefore, don't take our word for what is taken place in the world.  See the facts for yourself.  Below we have provided basic items that may apply to an emergency situation.  For a prepper or survivalist to be fully equipped for an emergency situation, only he/she will know what is exactly needed.  Our list of items below are limited and only recommended for general emergency situations.  If you have any questions about this subject, Just Contact Us    


 Must Watch Current State Of Affairs Video's 

 (Video's Contain Violent Acts & Harsh Facts - Viewer Discretion Is Advised) 

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  Recent Climate Change Reports Warms of        Code Red Conditions For All Of Humanity  

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