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High Tech Off Grid Supplies

For more than 25 years, Qychex Off Grid Technology, has provided quality Prepper and Survivalist products.  Now we can customize new Technological Equipment to fit your personal Off Grid Needs. We believe in fully exploring and researching your needs associated with your Off Grid Project and helping you to understand what products you will need to complete your project.  


Many systems we design are a one-of-a-kind system that is specifically customized for individual off grid use.  

This Home Invasion Could of
Happed At Your Home - Be Prepared

We can customize:

1.     Off Grid Energy Storage Equipment

2.     Solar Panel Kits

3.     Wind Turbines

4.     Water Purification Systems

5.     High-Tech Surveillance or Security Equipment

6.     Custom Built & Customized Lithium Batteries

7.     Robotics

Our firsthand experience gives us the unique ability to personalize just about whatever renewable energy system you need.  We pride ourselves on our custom-built residential off-grid systems, off-grid cabin systems, RV systems, as well as commercial grid-tie systems.  We will work one-on-one with you, to design system that will meet your off grid project needs as well as your budget.

  Below Are Robotic Video's On Robots That May Now Be Available  

Military Robot Soldiers 

Robotic Technology 

Autonomous Robotic Technology Is Here Now

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Robotic Security

From our experience with Preppers and Survivalist, we have found that many send thousands of dollars on weapons and the stock pile of ammunition, when they could have invested in state of the art high-tech equipment.  When faced with an intruder that represents a lethal situation, why not send an controlled electronic unit out to take care of the problem.  Technology today has improved very much over past 10 years.  Now a Prepper or Survivalist has the option to be fully armed, regarding surveillance and security. 

Intelligent surveillance systems have come way down in cost and are affordable for residential and off grid use.  Our understanding is to “mitigate the burden of human intervention”, and with conventional surveillance and security systems.  By incorporating intelligent interfaces, computer vision, and autonomous mobile robots, one person could manual control and defend his/her entire property.

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Qychex Lithium Battery Manufacturer 

Depending on your electrical systems need, Qychex Lithium Batteries can be used for just about any application that you would normally use a single or multiple Lead Acid, GEL or AGM battery for.  Qychex Lithium Batteries are commonly used in Marine, RV, Solar Energy Storage, Industrial, Advanced Energy Performance, Golf Carts, ATV, Mobility, UPS, and custom off grid applications.  Qychex Lithium Batteries are custom built and made here in the USA.

Is It True That LiFePO4 Batteries Are More Dangerous Than Lead Acid/AGM?

No, actually, they are much safer than lead acid/AGM batteries.  Plus, Qychex Lithium Batteries have a built in protection circuits called, "Battery Management System".  This prevents a short circuit and they also have under/over voltage protection.  Lead/AGM do not, and flooded lead acid contains sulfuric acid that can spill and harm you, the environment and your equipment.  LiFEP04 Lithium batteries are sealed and have no liquids and do not give off gasses.

Certification Safety Standards of Qychex LifeP04 Batteries:  At Qychex Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturing, we strive to make the safest lithium batteries possible.  Each battery is tested before shipping, and conforms with: 

*  UN/DOT 38.3 shipping regulations

*  UL-Listed/IEC62133-2017.  

WARRANTY OF QYCHEX LITHIUM BATTERIES:  12 YEAR Warranty, against "Material Defects", "Workmanship Failure", and "Product Failure”.  For more information on Warranty Click HERE. 

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Consultant Services

Qychex Off Grid Technology Services, is a nonprofit organization.  Our products and services are used to generate funding for our nonprofit parent agency called Housing 4 Now.  Our Intellectual Property Items, are legally structured so that buyers can purchase our items, and retain full ownership rights with warranty.    

When a request is made for Consultant Services, we make sure that you are first ready for our services, with an approved budget.  Without these first two steps being completed, we can not proceed any further.  We want to be fair to our clients and provide only services that they can use.  Satisfaction is what we seek from our clients, and we will work with you to meet those needs. 

Once you have decided on your budget and what project you want us help you with, then follow the outline below:

    1. Fill out our Free Online Application regarding your project and what you want help with.

    2. Step #2 Approval:  Once we review your application and approve it for further development, we will contact you by                  email to let you know our overall opinion.  

    3. Step #3: After you decide you need more personal advice on your project, you can schedule a 1 Hour Telephone                          Consultation.  The cost is $250 per hour, and the fee can be deducted from your down payment once you decide to go                ahead with your project.  Here is the link to set up the time and date for your Telephone Consultation. 

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