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HYS 350-500Mhz Mobile Radio 100 Watt Antenna

HYS 350-500Mhz Mobile Radio 100 Watt Antenna

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  • [Electrical specifications] Frequency Range(MHz):350-500MHz; Impedance:50 ohm Gain:6.0dBi; Polarization:Vertical; Lighting Protection: Direct Ground;
  • [Electrical specifications] VSWR:<1.5; Horizontal Beam Width: 360 Degree; Vertical Beam With: 17Degree; Maximum input power:100W.
  • [CONNECTOR]: SL-16K (FEMALE)/ UHF FEMALE. It is designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for outdoor coverage requirements at 350-500Mhz.
  • [Antenna Length and connector] Dimension/Height: 940-1100±10mm (The adjustment scale on the antenna is adjusted to a suitable frequency position. Different antenna scale, the antenna effect and length are different.);
  • [Aluminum Alloy Mounting Bracket] Hold Pole Diameter:Ø30—Ø60mm; Material of Hardware-supplie Mounting Bracket made from Aluminum Alloy, designed for indoor and outdoor use. it comes with TWO U-bolt which can be used with the attached plate for pole mounting. It must be connected via coaxial cable to connect device.
  • Heavy-duty Outdoor weatherproof Aluminum Alloy with high gloss, integrated ground plane. Includes mounting bracket and hardware; Coax cable purchased separately.
  • [350-500Mhz Antenna] Antenna Designed for any 350-500Mhz device for receivers, 350-500Mhz antenna for 350-500Mhz device receivers to improve signal in receiving and transmitting.
  • UHF(350-500Mhz) antenna for many outdoor applications, including building rooftops, utility poles, homes and offices etc.
  • size: 32 x 2 x 1.6 Ins. 
  • Weight: 2
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty