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Technical Pro MM3000 Pro Bluetooth Mic Mixing Amplifier 425 Watts per channel

Technical Pro MM3000 Pro Bluetooth Mic Mixing Amplifier 425 Watts per channel

SKU: 102709010(bh)
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The MM3000 is a mic mixing amplifier ideal for audio professionals and soundengineers looking to consolidate equipment while maximizing sound and quality.As a mic mixing amplifier MM3000 is fitted out with a variety of features thatmake it the ideal amplifier to accompany a vocal heavy setup. For standardshorter mic connections, the MM3000 comes fitted out with six different 1/4”(unbalanced) mic inputs as well as two XLR (balanced) inputs to accommodatelarger connections. For outputs, the MM3000 comes with 2 channels both equippedwith standard banana binding output terminals.
To enhanced output, the MM3000 features an expanded set of controls that allowfor user fine-tuning of output. Each of the mic inputs comes with an individualvolume control as well as a switch to cut and activate input from the individualline. In addition, the volume of all mic inputs can be adjusted relative tomusic via the master mic volume dial or via the mic priority switch. The micinputs are also divided into two channels that come with hi, mid, low, and echocontrols. The echo can be further adjusted via the echo controls which allow youto control five different aspects of the feature.
As a power amplifier, the MM3000 sports a whopping peak output of up to 3000Watts. This high peak output helps accommodate more powerful passive speakerswhile safeguarding sound quality during its journey from source to speakers. Inaddition, the MM3000 boasts 425 RMS watts per channel to ensure connectedspeakers consistently pump out vibrant, full-bodied sound.
To connect music and other line inputs, the MM3000 also functions as amulti-purpose audio receiver. It comes with an integrated tuner that allows youto stream music directly from the radio. To connect smartphones and other musicstorage devices, the MM3000 also comes with wireless Bluetooth compatibility aswell as an Aux input. Music can also be streamed via the front facing USB portand SD card reader.
The MM3000 also comes equipped with features that help enhance sound quality. Tofine tune audio to match any input and setting, the MM3000 comes with dual10-band equalizers that allow you to boost and cut output for a cleaner sound.Music inputs also come with high, mid, and low, controls, as well as a balanceknob. After creating the perfect sound you can even record it to SD Cards andFlash Drives via the recording capabilities.

Size: 19 x 15 x 9 Ins.

Weight: 14.65 lbs.

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