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Qychex Lithium Battery Warranty

With  Qychex 12 Year Warranty,  you can be assured that you that you are getting the finest quality lithium battery and total protection.  Throughout the life of your warranty, you can rest assured knowing you are covered for the entire warranty period against: "Material Defects", "Workmanship Failure", and "Product Failure”.  Qychex Lithium Batteries are a reliable replacement for Lead Acid and Gel type batteries and are well suited for “RV Use”, “Off Grid Use”, “Solar Energy Storage Systems”, “Communication Systems Equipment”, and “Recreational Use”.  It should be noted that 12 Year Warranty does not cover the period of times "After" normal Battery Cycle Usage.  


In the unlikely event you are having an issue with one of our batteries we have developed a straight forward warranty & return policy:

  • For all returns or warranty claims, go to our Contact Us Page and let us know your situation and concerns.   

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Returns of undamaged batteries unrelated to warranty claims may be issued full refunds less a 20% restocking fee.

  • Our comprehensive warranty on new batteries is as specified:

    • Our Batteries Are Built To Last: We stand by our engineering and our quality.  Any issues regarding workmanship or material defects of the building of our batteries is our responsibility, period.  We will fix or replace the battery at our expense.  After the 30 Day Period, the Customer is responsible for shipping cost to ship the battery back to us.  And we are responsible for the shipping cost back to the Customer.     

    • Lithium Ion Batteries Average Lifespan: The average lifespan of a Qychex Lithium Ion Battery at 100% Depth of Discharge is between 2,000 to 2,500 recharge cycles, or roughly 8 to 10 years with standard use. This warranty does not cover negligence or misuse of the battery.     

    • Lithium LifeP04 Batteries Average Lifespan:  The average lifespan of a Qychex LifeP04 Battery at 100% Depth of Discharge is between 3,500 – 5,000 recharge cycles, or roughly 10 to 12 years with standard use.  This warranty does not cover negligence or misuse of the battery.

    • HLTO Lithium Batteries Average Lifespan: Our Hybrid Lithium Titanate Batteries have an average lifespan of a Qychex HLTO Battery at 100% Depth of Discharge is between 25,000 – 35,000 recharge cycles, or roughly 15 to 20 years with standard use.  This warranty does not cover negligence or misuse of the battery.


Warranty Summary Note:


  • Free lifetime technical support & troubleshooting.

  • Warranty only applies to original owner (non-transferable).

  • Warranties can be used only once per item, for an exchange of an item (Upgrade), but additional charges may apply.

  • Return Shipping Cost: Customer pays return shipping on returns or warrantied component inspections initiated after the first 30 days of ownership. Please note some battery returns may require special documentation and packaging, and these instances will encounter extra fees. This is in order to correctly comply with lithium battery shipping regulations.

  • If you have a quality issue with a product, please contact our support team to help properly diagnose the problem. If the product you receive does not meet our quality standards, then we will issue you a replacement component or fix the original at no additional cost. Replacement batteries or components will only be sent after we have received your returned battery or component and finished an inspection to determine the cause of any problems. Qychex is not responsible for return shipping.

  • DIY modifications or damage to the battery, due to gross negligence or abuse are not covered by the warranty.

  • A Cash Refund will only be issued within the first 30 Days of ownership of the battery.  If the battery is return within the first 30 days, and is not defective or damaged, a 20% Restocking Fee, will be deducted from the purchase price.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact us directly at the Qychex Contact Us page. 

Return Address:

Please mail your package with a copy of your purchase receipt and Tracking Number to our Parent Company Address below. Include a note with your name, your order number and describe your situation and/or request.

Housing 4 Now, Qychex Battery Return, 522 N. Central Ave, #25225, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Comprehensive Warranty


Qychex warrants each battery sold to be free of defects for the described period, at date of battery sale as determined by either the customer’s sale receipt and/or the shipping invoice, with proof of purchase.   Within the Warranty Period:

Subject to the exclusions listed below, Qychex will credit, replace or repair (If serviceable), the battery and /or parts of the battery,  if the components in question are determined to be defective in material or workmanship. 

If Qychex deems the components in question are determined to be defective in material or workmanship, and deems the components to be repairable, the Battery will be repaired and returned to the customer.  If Qychex deems the components not to be repairable, a new or similar Battery will be offered.

Non-Transferable Warranty

This limited Warranty is to the original purchaser of the Battery and is not transferable to any other person or entity. 


Warranty Exclusions

Qychex has no obligation under this limited Warranty for the Battery, subjected to the following conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Damage due to improper or poor installation; loose terminal connections, improperly sized battery cables, incorrect connections (series/parallel) for desired voltage and or Ah requirements, or reverse polarity connections; 

  •  Environmental damage; salt water air environmental damage; inappropriate storage conditions as defined in the Data Battery Sheet; exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, fire or freezing, or water damage including submersion;

  • Repeated exposure of terminals to saltwater without use of dialectic grease and rubber terminal conditioning;

  • Damage caused by collision;

  • Damage due to improper maintenance; under or over charging the Battery, dirty terminal connections;

  • Battery that has been opened, modified, or tampered with;

  • Battery that was used for applications other than which it was designed for and or intended for, including repeated engine starting or drawing more amps then the battery is rated for, regarding continual discharge referenced in Data Sheet;

  • Battery that was used on an oversized inverter/charger; 

  • Battery that has not been charged for over six months (batteries need to be charged regularly to allow for a long lifespan);

  • Battery not stored in adherence to the Data Sheet Requirement guidelines, including storage of the Battery at low state of charge (it is advised to charge your battery to full before storing it).

  • This Limited Warranty does not cover a Battery that has reached it's normal end of life due to usage which may occur before the end of the Warranty Period.  A battery can only deliver a set amount of Energy over the life span of the battery.  Qychex, reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if the Battery is determined upon inspection, to be at its normal end of life even if the warranty period has not ended. 


Warranty Disclaimer:

This limited warranty is in lieu of, and manufacturer disclaims and excludes, all other express warranties.  Manufacturer further limits the duration of all, whether statutory, express, or implied warranties, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the warranty period.  Manufacturer’s exclusive liability for breach of any warranty of the Battery shall be to replace the Battery within the warranty period in accordance with the terms of this limited warranty.  In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for any loss or damages of any other kind, whether direct, incidental, consequential including lost profits, exemplary, special, or otherwise, including any lost profits or removal, shipping, or installation expenses. 




Legal Rights:

Some countries and/or states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary from country to country and/or state to state.  This warranty shall be governed by the and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Arizona.  This warranty is understood to be the exclusive agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof.  No employee or representative, or Manufacturer is authorized to make any warranty in addition to those made in this agreement. 

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