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Rent To Own Housing Program

Our Global Marketing outreach has produced satisfied client's from around the world.  Our leadership is based on integrity and our products have been rated by our clients as high quality, time and time again.  We stand behind what we say and what we represent.  We are committed to building relationships with individuals and other businesses, in an effort to help individuals make informative decisions.    

With over 30 Years’ experience in the Off grid Technology Business, and real estate business, we can help you Custom Build and your dream home.  Our Nonprofit agency is knowledgeable about many subject’s regarding "Off Grid Living".  Examples include but are not limited to: Energy Storage and Power Systems; Custom Build Off Grid Homes; Tax Exemption; Raw Land Purchase and Development; and Electrical Engineer Assistance.  We are here to assist individuals and to provide educational information that can save you money before you make a final commitment or purchase, regarding your project.   

Bad Credit No Credit

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Program Requirement

Don’t worry if you have "Bad Credit", "No Credit", or just "Some Credit".  Our Rent To Own Program is mainly based on your down payment and what monthly payments you can reasonably afford.  It should be noted that our Rent To Own Program is based on a 20% to 60% down payment, with up to a 2 year loan.  Once we've verified you that you have the Down Payment, and a stable source of employment  income (minimum 6 months on the job employment), you will be approved within 5 business days for your new home.  

How The Program Works 

Step #1: Complete Program Application: It’s free, fast, and won’t impact your credit score. It takes only 5 minutes to pre-qualify.  To get started just fill out the Free Application.


Step #2: Get Approved For A Budget: Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a budget, so that you will know how much home you can afford.  Included in you housing budget:

  1. Private Bank Account Transparency: Your full Down Payment will be deposited into a private bank                account, where you will be able to know weekly, what money was spent, and on what.  This section will              include times and dates, building materials, and installation estimated dates.      

  2. Home Building Materials & Installation :  All building materials cost and the installation of them will be        included in the price of your new home budget. 

  3. Electrical Wiring & Installation: All Electrical Wiring and Installation cost will be included in the price of          your new home budget. 

  4. Plumbing & Installation:  All Plumbing materials and Installation cost will be included in the price of                your new home budget. 

  5. Building Engineers Drawing: A final template copy of the building engineer drawing will be provided to          you and we will use the original for local Building Fees and Permits.    

  6. Home Owners Property Insurance Policy:  A home owner's insurance policy will be provided.  We will            be the "Name Insured" Agent:  The named insured agent is the person or business who is explicitly                    named on the insurance contract.   As the signed policy holder, your named will be insurance policy and          payment of the premiums are included in the cost of your new home.  The additional insured is basically          any individual or organization that we add to your new home policy.   

  7. Closing Cost: All closing cost and fees will be included in the required Down Payment. 

  8. Tax Exemption:  Did you know that when you purchase a new home under our housing program, you               new home will be tax exempt.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, you will fall under our tax exempt status.  

  9. Monthly Payment:  The monthly payment for your new home will be based on the remaining                            outstanding cost for your new home, plus 8% interest. The remaining cost will be divided into 24 monthly        payments (2 Years).  The remaining balance will be your monthly payment.  There will be no "Pre-Paid", or        early pay-off penalty.  A new home buyer can pay off the balance any time he/she wants.         

Step #3: Work With Our Agents To Pick Out Your New Dream Home:  Choose from any of our "Pre-Designed Package Homes", or custom design your own (additional upfront cost will apply).  For More Information see our Qychex Custom Built Homes Section.

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Consultant Services

Qychex Off Grid Technology Services, is a nonprofit organization.  Our products and services are used to generate funding for our nonprofit parent agency called Housing 4 Now.  Our Intellectual Property Items, are legally structured so that buyers can purchase our items, and retain full ownership rights with warranty.    

When a request is made for Consultant Services, we make sure that you are first ready for our services, with an approved budget.  Without these first two steps being completed, we can not proceed any further.  We want to be fair to our clients and provide only services that they can use.  Satisfaction is what we seek from our clients, and we will work with you to meet those needs. 

Once you have decided on your budget and what project you want us help you with, then follow the outline below:

    1. Fill out our Free Online Application regarding your project and what you want help with.

    2. Step #2 Approval:  Once we review your application and approve it for further development, we will contact you by                  email to let you know our overall opinion.  

    3. Step #3: After you decide you need more personal advice on your project, you can schedule a 1 Hour Telephone                          Consultation.  The cost is $250 per hour, and the fee can be deducted from your down payment once you decide to go                ahead with your project.  Here is the link to set up the time and date for your Telephone Consultation. 

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