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 The Hunter & Gather Prepper 

Below is an analysis of what basic information we used to support a certain topic.  By no means are we suggesting that the information is fact or that it should be viewed as certainty.  This education segment is for all members and web site viewers who are interested in science and technology regarding preparedness.  For additional information on any of these topics you should conduct your own research.   

Hunter Gatherer Food  Video

Background Of a Hunter & Gather Prepper:  This type of Prepper focuses on hunting and fishing for animals and foraging for wild vegetation, as a primary source of food.   Many groups  like this continue their hunter-gatherer ways of life, although their numbers have continually declined, partly as a result of pressure from growing agricultural and pastoral communities.


Mutual exchange and sharing of resources (i.e., meat gained from hunting) are important in the economic systems of hunter-gatherer societies. 

Preparedness For Hard Times And Sustainability    

In most Hunter Gatherer societies, there are five categories of food energy procurement: (1) hunting, involving the active pursuit of mammals, reptiles, or birds; (2) trapping, which is the passive capture of prey (mammals, birds, or fish) by means of prior investments in pitfalls, traps, nets, weirs, and other technical means; (3) fishing, using a wide range of active techniques; and (4) gathering, which involves the acquisition of passive animal prey/products such as shellfish, snails, insect larvae, birds' eggs, and honey, road kill; and also plant foods of all kinds. The final category, (5) exchange with neighboring groups, should be added, in almost all modern cases, although the extent to which food energy is traded, rather than other goods, varies a lot.

 AFrame Tiny Home  

 Modular Home vs Kit Home  

 Earn Money With Tiny Homes  

Products We Recommend For Tiny Home Emergencies 

This section is dedicated to all low budget preppers who are looking for low cost alternatives that can get them through a short or long term emergency.  If a person prepares beforehand, there are many options they can pick from.  The below items are just examples and suggestions of some of our products and manufacturer's items that we suggest for available alternatives.     

              Low Budget Electronic Items For Preppers